Workplace Skills Plan

Workplace Skills Plans (WSP) decipher the training and skills needs of a company, implement plans to fulfil  these needs and ensure adherence to legislation requirements and provide SETA with the information it needs to compile a meaningful Sector Skills Plan for Scarce and Critical skills.

Once the organisation has submitted a duly completed WSP on time, a grant amounting to 50% of the Skills Development Levy (SDL) will be paid to the organisation which includes amounts due for both the Annual Training Report (ATR) and the Work Place Skills Plan (WSP). This will ensure that organisations have funds that can be utilised for the implementation of training.

Let Amathuba Hub facilitate your WSP while you enjoy the following benefits:

  • No cost to you – all we require is 25% of your Pivotal Skills grant claimed
  • Receive grants from SETAs of up to R60 000 per annum
  • Alignment of training with BEE requirements
  • Advising of training needs
  • Compiling of relevant employee information and the training required
  • Writing of WSP
  • Writing of Annual Training Report
  • Writing of PIVOTAL Plan
  • Submission of WSP, ATR and PIVOTAL Plan to the relevant SETAs.
  • Implementation and Management of learnerships
  • Liaising with the SETAs to ensure prompt payments of rebates.
  • B-BBEE Reporting


IMPORTANT NOTE: Non submission of a WSP for any given year means you forfeit the percentage that would have been allocated upon the submission of the WSP for the following financial year and will have to wait for the next levy disbursement cycle.