Amathuba Hub assists companies of all sizes to comply with and manage all aspects of Employment Equity within their organisations. Including the establishment of an employment equity committee.

In terms of the Employment Equity Act (EEA), employment equity is concerned with two aspects of employment law, namely:

  1. The prohibition of unfair discrimination in the workplace, and
  2. The duty of designated employers to implement affirmative action programmes.

Who must report?

  • Any Employee who’s turnovers exceeds that of the allocated Industry Sector (Please see threshold chart)
  • Employers with more than 50 employees
  • Municipalities
  • Employers ordered to by bargaining council agreement
  • Any employees who volunteer

Why should companies report?

The Employment Equity Act was put in place to assist in the removal of unfair discrimination in the workplace and to promote equity. By reporting, the Department of Labour (DoL) can keep tabs on the progress that all “designated” companies are making towards this goal.

What does the DoL look out for?

  • That all staff members are given an equal opportunity to rise up the ranks within an organisation be it through promotion in the form of natural progress (staff member, supervisor, management etc.) or through recognised training.
  • Most importantly, the DoL wants to ensure that the “equal work, equal pay” law is upheld. This basically means that if two employees both have the same job titles, both should earn, within reason, the same amount of money

When do we submit reports?

The (DoL) online system opens on the 1st of September every year and closes around about the 15th of January. Manual submissions need to be in by the 1st of October

  • Companies with LESS than 150 employees need to have their first report sent in no less than 12 months after they become and employer.
  • Companies with MORE than 150 employees need to have their first report sent in no less than 6 months after they become and employer.

Thereafter, all designated employers must submit on a yearly basis.