BEE aligned Skills Development & Training

Skills Development and Training Solutions:

Amathuba Hub believes that the end result of any training or learning intervention should be able to show a significant return on investment whether it be in increased performance, profitability or improved efficiencies. Our goal is to deliver you with a comprehensive training solution.

As a full service Skills Development and Training Solutions company we are also able to provide and source a full range of specific and essential offerings to our clients.

In terms of the Skills Development Levies Act:

all organisations in South Africa with a payroll in excess of R500,000 per annum must pay a 1% Skills Development Tax on their payroll.

You may claim back some of this Skills Development Tax if:
  • You have paid the SDL tax; and
  • You provide approved training (internal/external) to employees that is aligned with Pivotal skills
To support your claim you need to submit:
  • An annual training report which tells the SETA what training has taken place in your company in the last 12 months, and which employees received training
  • A workplace skills plan that advises the SETA of the training you will provide in the next 12 months, based on your operational requirements, the industry you operate
We will assist your company to:
  • Identify individuals that are interested in training
  • Facilitate the training needs and requirements
  • Align training appropriately to the needs of the company and learner.
  • Attain BEE targets on Skills spend and Learnerships
  • Ensure you are fully compliant
  • Implement the correct initiatives to align with BEE legislation
  • Earn the maximum points on the Employment Equity and Skills development elements of the B-BBEE scorecard
  • Assist with a tax deduction for Learnerships. Ranging from R40 000 to R60 000
Additional benefits of bee compliance:
  • Claim back up to 50% when you submit an annual work place skills plan and training report, (implementing Pivotal skills) through discretionary grants. If no Pivotal skills are implemented the claim is 20%
  • Qualify for Mandatory grants from your SETA, amounting to 20% of the skills levies paid over the year
  • Have access to Discretionary grant funding including: Learnerships, Apprentice and other discretionary funding for free training
  • Identify skills gaps in the workplace
  • Motivate staff so that they work more effectively and efficiently
  • Retain key employees via adequate up skilling
  • Access to tax deductions for Learnerships. Ranging from R40 000 to R60 000