Learner Management System

With the current drive towards online and blended learning. Amathuba hub has developed our own online portal that will assist in the management of all your training needs.

At its core, a Learner Management System (LMS) comprises of software developed solely for the purpose of enabling its users to deliver, monitor and report on, both online and onsite training in a user friendly and efficient manner.

Our online portal is built on the backbone of redLMS (Include logo), a locally developed product which in turn provides immediate support and customisation capabilities to any company from any sector and their unique needs.

Key Features of our LMS:

  • Event Management

  • Custom Reporting

  • Automated Workflow

  • Organisation Profiling

  • Multimedia Support

  • Automated Notifications

  • Secure Information Store

  • E-Commerce Support

  • Collaborative Learning

  • System Customisation

  • Competency and Skills Management

  • Local support

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